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My family Tree

My personal web site to share some of my genealogical and family history research.

Information about research and consultation services for hire.

A source of some genealogy supplies, genealogy and history books, and unique gifts.

Basic “how to” information for beginning family researcher’s exploring their New England roots.

What is Maple Tree Genealogy (MTG) ?

My Family Tree


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What is Family History ?

      Beyond the facts on genealogical charts and   reports, lies family history, a more in-depth   examination of the family as a whole, which may   include, among other information, the details of   education, religious affiliations, occupation, and   military service sometimes blended with family   stories and folklore.

      An additional perspective is that of information   about the communities in which our ancestors lived   and the local, regional and sometimes even national   or world events and circumstances that may further    add context to the stories of their lives.


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